If any of the three sites for Aldridge Adult Learning need to close due to adverse weather conditions the following actions will occur:

If there are severe weather warnings and it seems likely that there could be snow the next day Aldridge Adult Learning will e-mail all staff and students to remind them to look at the website the next day and attach this Adverse Weather Conditions Closure Procedure. If you have not provided an email address to the college please check our website.

A decision to close will be based on availability of public transport, access to sites and staff safety in getting to and returning from work.

Any decision to close will be made as soon as possible with a target of making a decision before 6.00 am.

Should the decision be taken to close then Aldridge Adult Learning will complete the following actions:

  • Upload information to the Aldridge Adult Learning website and Facebook
  • E-mail all staff
  • E-mail all students (where email address is available)
  • Contact local radio stations to make them aware of any closures

Staff and students should continue to check website/email for further notifications.