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Access to Health

Concessionary Fee: £3384.00
Course Level

Full Level 3

Start Date

Mon 7 Sep 2020


34 Weeks

Concessionary Fee: £3384.00
Course has started:
Course has started:


This course is essential for students wishing to move on to Health related Higher Education courses including degrees Nursing; Midwifery; Paramedic Science; Adult Social Care; Sport and Exercise Sciences. Students are given full support to apply for a university place

Course content:

Course content includes 19 units that have been chosen to be vocationally relevant for careers in Health and Social Care. The units include:
Essay skills.
Reviewing and planning for the future

Adolescent health
Human Biology.

Health promotion
Disease and the Immune System.
Sociology and Psychology.
Stress Management.
Extended independent academic study.


  • No formal qualifications are required. However, the interview process will include a literacy and numeracy assessment and students should achieve level 2 or above in these assessments. Students who do not achieve level 2 may be advised to complete Maths and English GCSE. It is essential that candidates check the entry requirements for their university choices before enrolling for the ACCESS course. If you do require both Maths and English, then you might consider completing these alongside a course such as Mental Health Awareness level 2, Skills for Working in Health and Social Care Professions or Counselling level 2.

What do I need to do this course?

Pen, paper, folder and dividers. The recommended reading list will be provided at the interview.

Teaching Methods

    • Lectures.
    • Seminars.
    • Tutorials.
    • Workshops.
    • Assignments.
    • Presentations.
    • Independent study.

    Please note that students will be expected to:

    • Meet deadlines.
    • Conduct research.
    • Take part in group activities.
    • Become independent learners and manage their time effectively.

    How is your progress checked?

    You will be assessed through a range of methods, including essays, presentations, exams and a small-scale research project. You will be given regular tutorials to check progress, indentify any issues, set targets and support your return to academic study and writing.

    Extra study or practice required at home.

    An additional 10-16 hours of home study is required

    What can I do after this course?

    This pathway is suitable for students wishing to move on to Health related, Higher Education courses, including degrees in Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work, Children and Families, Adult Social Care, Psychology, Sport and Exercise Sciences. This course is suitable for university entrance on a wide variety of courses. Students are given support to apply for a university place through the UCAS applications process.

Concessionary Fee: £3384.00

Course details

  • Tutor: Michele Ponting
  • Time: 0930 - 1700
  • Provision: 19
  • Term: Full Year
  • Location: Foredown Tower
  • Full fee: £3384
  • Concessionary fee: £3384
  • Loan fee: £3384
Course has started:


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