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British Sign Language Level 3 – Online

Concessionary Fee: £1265.00
Course Level

Level 3

Start Date

Mon 14 Sep 2020


33 Weeks

Concessionary Fee: £1265.00


This course is suitable for those who already have achieved British Sign Language Level 2 and wish to gain a higher level of understanding of BSL grammar, linguistics and of Deaf culture and community. *There will be 6 Saturday workshops during the course

Course content:

This course will be delivered on line throughout the year

Students will gain knowledge of receptive and productive skills, and learn how to understand and use varied British Sign Language in a range of work and social situations.


  • A BSL level 2 Certificate is required. However, if you have some prior knowledge you may be accepted without a Level 2 Certificate, subject to an interview with the tutor.

What do I need to do this course?

As this course will be online you will require:

  • Internet access
  • A computer with a webcam
  • A peaceful place to participate in the course from
  • An email account

Paper, pen, videoing equipment- phone/laptop/camera or I Pad.

Teaching Methods

  • PowerPoint, DVDs, lectures, discussions, one to one support, question and answer sessions and the internet.

    How is your progress checked?

    Individual feedback on set work.

    Extra study or practice required at home.

    4 hours of homework per week, this can include meeting with BSL users to practice, as well as individual writing and research.

    What can I do after this course?

    Signature Level 4 Certificate in British Sign Language

    Signature Level 4 Certificate in British Sign Language and Introduction to Interpreting

    Signature Level 6 NVQ in British Sign Language

    Signature Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting

    Signature Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Translation

Concessionary Fee: £1265.00

Course details

  • Tutor: Natalia Cybaniak
  • Time: 1800 - 2100
  • Provision: 19
  • Term: Full year
  • Location: Online
  • Full fee: £1265
  • Concessionary fee: £1265
  • Loan fee: £1265