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English Functional Skills Level 1/2 Pre-GCSE

Course Level

Level 1

Start Date

Tue 10 Jan 2023


20 Weeks


Course content

  • Take part in a range of discussions and give a presentation
  • Read and understand a range of non-fiction texts relating to real life situations
  • Write a range of text to communicate information, ideas and opinions; including letters, emails, articles and reports using a variety of styles suitable for purpose and audience


This course is designed to help you to develop your English skills in order to achieve a Functional Skills qualification at Level 1 or Level 2. These qualifications are needed for many jobs, apprenticeships and university courses. You will study modules in reading, writing and speaking and listening and you will take formal assessments in all 3 components. This is an ideal course to do before progressing to GCSE English. Entry requirements: completion of Foundation English or Level 1 or Entry 3 Functional Skills English or ESOL L2 or by college based assessment at least at Entry 3.

This is a 20 week full year programme which is planned to be delivered in the classroom.

Course content:

Speaking and Listening

  • Make relevant and extended contributions to formal and informal discussions
  • Listen and respond appropriately to others
  • Research information to support your discussion
  • Give a short presentation on a familiar subject


  • Identify the main points and ideas, and how they are presented, in a variety of texts
  • Read and understand complex texts in detail
  • Identify different language techniques; use of fact, opinion and bias; interpret implied meaning; compare two different texts


  • Write clearly and coherently including an appropriate level of detail
  • Use language, format and structure suitable for purpose and audience
  • Develop and use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation to a high standard
  • Write using different formats and styles


  • You should have completed the Foundation Skills programme, and have passed all assignments, or Entry 3 or Level 1 Functional Skills or ESOL Level 2, or GCSE English Grade 3, together with a high record of attendance and punctuality. You may also be accepted directly if you achieve a high score in the college based assessment.

What do I need to do this course?

You will be given a stationery list and you will need to buy a study book for use in class and at home, along with a corresponding test book. You must have use of a laptop or tablet that you can type your work on and a good broadband connection. A printer, or access to a printer is very useful.

Teaching Methods

  • Teaching will be through a range of methods including:

    • Pair work and group work using break out groups
    • Reading and writing tasks given on Moodle, our online website
    • Group discussions
    • Use of relevant learning websites such as Century

    You will be expected to work independently on homework tasks and to use the internet, word processing and presentation software.

    How is your progress checked?

    This may be informal through discussion, question and answer sessions and completion of class activities. Written work will be marked, and feedback given. Formal national tests will be taken for reading and writing and these will be online. Speaking and listening will be assessed by the tutor and you will work as part of a group.

    Extra study or practice required at home.

    Homework will be set every week and you will be expected to complete about 3 hours independent homework every week, including work from online websites.

    What can I do after this course?

    This course provides a firm foundation for the GCSE English course, for university programmes, for apprenticeships and employment.


Course details

  • Tutor: Caroline Ellis
  • Time: 1000-1300
  • Provision: FE
  • Term: Spring
  • Location: Sports Centre
  • Full fee: Free
  • Concessionary fee: Free