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Essential Digital Skills

Course Level

Level 1

Start Date

Mon 17 Jan 2022


15 Weeks


Course content

  • Stay safe and protect your privacy online.
  • Shop safely online.
  • Communicate via text, email and video.
  • Use digital devices and handle digital information.
  • Save files and organise files and folders.
  • Create and edit documents.


This qualification has been designed to enable learners to develop the digital skills for life and introducing learners to skills for work and will cover a range of topics from communicating by text, video or email to staying safe and protecting your privacy online

Course content:

The course will cover the following subjects using devices and handling information, creating and editing, communicating, transacting and being safe and responsible online


  • Learners must have the following foundation skills before enrolling on the entry level qualification:

    · turning on a device (including entering and updating any account information safely, such as a password)

    · using the available controls on a device (such as a mouse and keyboard for a computer, or touchscreen on a smartphone or tablet)

    · making use of accessibility tools (including assistive technology) to make devices easier to use (such as changing display settings to make content easier to read)

    · interacting with the home screen on a device

    · connecting to the internet (including Wi-Fi) safely and securely, and opening a browser

    · opening and accessing an application on a device.

What do I need to do this course?

· A pen and paper for taking notes.

· You will need online access to your email account.

Teaching Methods

  • · Each stage will have a tutor demonstration followed by practical tasks to be carried out.

    · One-to-one help and handouts will be provided.

    · A variety of online resources will be used.

    How is your progress checked?

    · Each practical task will be checked and understanding will be checked during individual discussion with learners.

    · There will be a series of assignments set during the course that should be passed to achieve the qualification.

    Extra study or practice required at home.

    It is expected that learners will practice their skills between sessions.

    What can I do after this course?

    · Upon successful completion of the course you can to move on to Essential Digital Skills - Level 1


Course details

  • Tutor: TBC
  • Time: 1830-2100
  • Provision: FE
  • Term: Spring
  • Location: Sports Centre
  • Full fee: Free
  • Concessionary fee: Free


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