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Gentle Yoga

£80.00 fee may apply if you do not meet eligibility criteria
Course Level


Start Date

Thu 12 Jan 2023


10 weeks

£80.00 fee may apply if you do not meet eligibility criteria

Course content

  • To learn basic yoga poses
  • To learn basic breathing techniques
  • To learn to practice mindfully / in the present moment
  • To learn basic meditation techniques to enhance yoga practice
  • To develop and enhance yoga skills
  • To gain the skills for continued practice


A practical one hour and 15 minute class of gentle mindful hatha yoga. You will learn body and breath awareness with beginner yoga asanas/postures, pranayama/breathing and meditation techniques. Mudras/hand gestures will also be used to enhance our yoga practice in a compassionate, inclusive and non-competitive space.

Course content:

Mindful gentle hatha yoga focuses on movement with breath in the present moment. Flexibility, balance and strength are improved with regular practice. Props such as yoga blocks, bricks, straps and blankets can be used to help the practice to suit the body’s make up and limitations. The class format includes initial mental arrival, warm up, main phase, cool down asanas and final relaxation to absorb the benefits and reflect on the practice. Mindful / presence awareness yoga helps reduce stress, promoting mental and physical wellbeing. THis course is suitable for beginners or people returning to yoga at all levels,ages and abilities


  • No prior knowledge of yoga is required.

What do I need to do this course?

Bring a yoga mat,blanket and cushion or yoga block if you have one. Wear loose, comfortable clothing

Teaching Methods

  • The asanas will be demonstrated with clear instructions. Whenever needed, variations or alternative poses will be shown to suit students’ needs and progression. Individual adjustments of postures may be made for optimal alignment to gain maximum benefit with least effort.

    How is your progress checked?

    Teacher observation with feed back from the students.

    Extra study or practice required at home.

    Home practice is recommended to help remember the taught materials.

    What can I do after this course?

    Continuation of Yoga.

£80.00 fee may apply if you do not meet eligibility criteria

Course details

  • Tutor: Lee Spearpoint
  • Time: 1730-1845
  • Provision: CL
  • Term: Spring
  • Location: AAL
  • Full fee: £80
  • Concessionary fee: £20