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Next Steps: IT/Digital Skills

Course Level

Level 1

Start Date

Mon 5 Jul 2021


5 weeks

Course has started:
Course has started:

Course content

  • Join the right course for you in September 2021


We are passionate about helping adults fulfil their potential so we are offering courses that will meet your needs.

This course will help you decide on your next steps and help you on your way to a new and exciting future, you will also develop the study skills you need to succeed in your further studies.

You must commit to 100% attendance. We understand that there may be the need for you to swap the session occasionally to a different time or day but do not worry as each subject follows the same content each week.

Course content:

This course will cover all aspects of IT and digital skills: communicating, handling information and content, transacting, problem solving and being safe and legal online with learners working at a level appropriate for them. We will look at existing functional skills qualifications and the brand new essential digital skills qualifications.

Learners will gain access to free online and paper resources to support their learning both in and out the classroom.

In addition to the three hours of face to face teaching every learner will be expected to complete 1.5 hours of self study after each session.

There is no examination at the end of the course but time will be spent to establish which course in September 2021 is most suitable for each learner and also giving them the opportunity to enrol early to guarantee their place.

Each learner will receive a certificate of attendance and have the satisfaction that they will be enroled on a course starting in September that will lead to well know and widely accepted qualifications.

A strong focus will be IAG – Information, Advice and Guidance on all courses available at Aldridge Adult Education that will meet each learner's career or personal aspirations.


  • None. Anyone can join these courses.

What do I need to do this course?

Pen and note pad, own laptop if you have one and some headphones.

Teaching Methods

  • Opportunity for individual, paired and group actitivites.

    Hands on doing approach with self directed learning.

    Introduction to online learning environments and using moodle.

    Spaced repetition and stretch and challenge will be utilised.

    How is your progress checked?

    End of course evaluation and enrolment on to September 2021 course.

    Extra study or practice required at home.

    1.5 hours per week

    What can I do after this course?

    Enrolling on a course in September 2021


Course details

  • Tutor: Andrew Chinn
  • Time: 1800-2230
  • Provision: FE
  • Term: Summer
  • Location: Sports Centre
  • Full fee: Free
  • Concessionary fee: Free
Course has started:


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