English for Speakers of Other Languages

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) will help you improve your language skills so you can feel more confident and get the most from your life in the UK.

Courses are from beginner to advanced. You will study two days a week, 2 hours a day and the terms are 10 weeks. You will need to enroll each term. At the end of each term you have the chance to get a qualification:

Speaking & Listening Skills

In term 1 of this course, you will practice your speaking & listening skills. You will develop your confidence and skills at your own speed in lively and friendly classes.


In term 2 you will practice your reading skills. You will continue to develop both speaking and listening skills, however, the focus will be on improving your reading skills.


In term 3 you will improve your writing skills. The third term will give you the chance to get a recognised qualification in writing.

Why take this course?

We can help you improve your English skills so you can find a job, get a better job, help your child with their school studies or progress onto another accredited course to help you get qualified to find a good job. You could also join one of our many courses for personal interest so you can learn a new hobby, make new friends and experience better mental health.

Next steps:

You can progress from beginner to advanced level ESOL and after that, you could join Pre-GCSE or GCSE English or maths, or any of our other accredited courses to help you move forward in your professional or personal life. You could also progress to Higher education by joining our one-year Access to University courses so you can study for a university degree.

Upcoming courses:

During enrolment periods, specific courses will show below.

Any Questions?

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“Thank you Aldridge Adult Learning! Our ESOL teacher was very helpful and I really liked this course.”
ESOL student