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Foredown Tower Learning and Visitor Centre

Fully refurbished and open as a visitor and Adult Learning Centre with a small café and peaceful garden, this converted Edwardian water tower is famous for housing the largest Camera Obscura in the South East.

Please call and check opening times before arranging your visit to Foredown Tower.
Tel: 01273 415 625

What’s here?

The first floor of the building has a classroom, home to some of our Art and Access courses whilst also perfect for business ‘away days’. There is also a gallery space with regular photography and art exhibitions. Both areas are available for hire as an alternative learning space or as a unique event venue.
The top floor is home to the viewing gallery (up a 47 step spiral staircase) with stunning 360 degree views of the coast, South Downs and across the city.

“Foredown Tower truly is an alternative learning space, set in gorgeous South Downs countryside with amazing views around Sussex. Our learners, many of whom did not necessarily have the best memories of school, feel liberated to enjoy and learn in a unique environment with a supportive atmosphere and a team focused on their success.”
Nick Fenn
Principal, Aldrideg Adult Learning

What is A Camera Obscura?

A Camera Obscura (Latin: darkened chamber) is an optical device, based on the pinhole camera, but using a lens and a mirror instead of a pinhole to project a moving, coloured image onto a screen in a darkened room.  Volunteers provide demonstrations for a small donation and are very knowledgeable about the history of the area.

The Tower makes a great starting or stop off point for South Downs walkers and cyclists. There is a toilet and there is parking outside.  We are happy to take bookings for groups.  Unfortunately there is not wheelchair access available to the Obscura, we apologise.

Drop in or book Foredown Tower

For details of demonstration times, room hire and opening times, please use the following form, email the Site Coordinator: or call us on 01273 415625.

Volunteering opportunities

The Tower is run by a wonderful group of volunteers who maintain the centre, give tours and demos, tend the garden and run the café.

If you would like to volunteer at Foredown Tower, email the Site Coordinator: or call us on 01273 415625.